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Excellent book on technique and thought for aspiring metal bassists (10/14/2011)
I’m a beginner bass player, but I’ve been a fan of heavy music (death metal being only one Western strain) for about 20 years. In that time, Alex Webster, the bassist for Cannibal Corpse, has been one of my favorite players. He’s now in an instrumental progressive/death band called Blotted Science as well. Alex is famous for the speed and precision of his playing, as well as use of three fingers when attacking the strings. I’ve waited expectantly for his book to become available as soon as I heard it was being written (about 3 months ago). Going through it, I feel that it was well-worth the wait for bassists who want to explore the faster and heavier strains of metal - although I’m sure many of the techniques and thought processes outlined in the book can be useful and applicable to music from any genre to which they are creatively and appropriately applied. The following is a more detailed review/overview of Extreme Metal Bass from my beginner’s bass blog. If you''re interested in reading it, please visit:

Vish - NY/USA