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Excellent book on this style. (6/16/2004)
This is a good book if you want to learn how to play Cuban/latin bass. This book doesn't contain nearly the content of Oscar Stagnaro's Latin Bass Book, but it's still a great introduction to this style of playing. It also provides a historical context to the style for those that appreciate that. In contrast Oscar's book is heavy on the musical examples and light on the textual information. Truly though, you can't go wrong with either book....but if you're seriously interested in learning latin bass you've gotta pick up Oscar's book. If you just want to get a good taste of latin bass to interject into your own playing this book is fine. If you're really serious get both.

Rob - Florida
The only cuban bass book ever print (8/9/2003)
For those who want to learn cuban bass music this is the only book to get. There are no words to explain why, just get it and you'll see

Henri - France