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Great (9/12/2014)
Really great book, you start with cha cha cha and finish with latin jazz and 7/8. There might be some problems if you only read tabs but with a little help and practice you can do it.

Heriberto - Mexico
Good book, but not as good as his other book. (6/16/2004)
This is a good solid book, but it's nowhere near as thorough or as complete as Oscar's Latin Bass Book, which in my opinion is one of the top 2 or 3 bass books ever written in terms of the coverage it gives to it's subject. I think the main problem with this book lies not with the author but with the publisher. His Latin Bass Book was done for Sher Music which seems to pretty much let their authors run with any idea they have, and they cater to serious bass players. However, this book is for Berklee Press which like many publishers, seems to dumb down the content. I'd be willing to bet there was a cap on exactly what Oscar could put in this book, and how difficult he could make the material. You would think since it's BERKLEE press this wouldn't be the case, but this is really just a mass marketing music publisher looking to make low cost books and move more copies. If you compare his Latin Bass Book on Sher Music and this book you'll see what I mean. Yes, the Latin Bass Book is $35 and this is about 20. But consider that his Latin Bass Book will give you darn close to a life time of material...whereas this book you can work through in a matter of a few months at the most. Now that I'm off that soap box, I will say that this is a really good book and on a unique subject..that of the slap tecnhique applied to latin style bass lines. If you've never played slap I wouldn't recommend this book. It doesn't cover the slap technique on it's own at all. It just covers the technique as applied to the latin style. If you've never played slap try either The Slap Bass Bible by Anthony Vitti, and/or Slap It by Tony Oppenheim(sp?)...both of which are sold on this site. The slapping done in this book is very basic technique wise..but if you've never done it you'd be better off getting some foundation first. Once again, a good book by a great instructor..I just wish it was through a different publisher. I read on Oscar's website he is working on a South American rhythm section book. I truly hope this is done on Sher Music and not Berklee Press.

Rob - Florida