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Rufus Reid-The evolving bassist (6/12/2007)
For me the most edifying thing about this was the ideas put forth,by Reid-Satisfaction,Clarity,Recall,THE PULSE.He is sharing all he has learned from experience, and that is most admirable and extremely helpful to those without that much experience.All without getting too pedantic and mystifying.His vocabulary is not highly articulate and/or descriptive,but good enough. The video itself as a whole could have been EDITED better.For example,the names of the tunes being performed could have been shown when they are first started.Also,the camera could have done close ups of his hands to see exactly what he is doing- I saw no real close ups.So,content A+,Video Production,B+.


Mario - California,USA
Awesome even for a begginer (4/29/2006)
This a great video from a great player and teacher. I had zero experience with the upright bass and have become a decent jazz player in a matter of months. This dvd is must with the book of the same name. On its on, you will not be able to follow with out his book he wrote in the 1970s, Now updated. With both you will be unstoppable.....

Bill - Fla, Usa