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just ok (12/27/2012)
If you are looking for complete songs, forget it. Each song contains about 1 page, with the theme. ( a few go 3 pages, but that is the minority)

Paul - New York
Good stuff (10/6/2012)
As someone who has been playing for 20 plus years, I have gathered quite a collection of instructional materials and Mikes stuff is at the top of my list. So many new players spend countless hours running scales and scales are definately a good thing to work on, but if one was to spend that time working out of these books, not only would you get the scale practice, BUT you would also get to see how they apply to real music. Every serious bassist should own these books, a big thank you to Mike for taking the time to work these out on the bass for his fellow bass players!

Scott - Arizona
2 of the best books I''ve ever gotten! (2/7/2008)
(This is from a letter that I wrote to the Author Mike Cornelison. He was very gracious in his response and asked me if I wouldn''t mind posting my letter as a review)

Hello Mike,

I just got your books yesterday (Classical Masterpieces for Electric Bass I & II) and I gotta say that they are two of the coolest bass books that I have even gotten my hands on. They are definitely gonna be my favorites for a while yet. It certainly is a lot to digest with all of that music. Bach''s 2nd Invention is one of my favorite pieces in there, along with Brahms''s Hungarian Dance. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort that you put into those books so that people like me can enjoy playing the works of the great composers on the bass...Once again, I want to thank you for the books. I''m sure that they are gonna keep me busy for a long time.

Whether you''re a fan of classical music or not, these are two of the finest books that you can own as a bass player. I highly recomend them to anyone and everyone who plays the bass guitar.

Mike - Il/USA
Great Compilation (4/2/2007)
I had the privledge of taking private lessons from Mike a long time ago. He's an outstanding teacher and this compilation is awesome for practice or performance.

Paul - So Cal.
A Wealth of Great Material (1/15/2007)
I first caught wind of this book when I saw a video of the guy who wrote it playing one of the pieces at YouTube. I was impressed by the video, but even more impressed when the book arrived and I started working through it. The variety of material is impressive, from simple little melodies to concert level performance pieces with a couple tapping and chordal arrangements, there's something for everyone in here. I highly recommend this book.

Joscha - Ithaca, NY
SWEET (3/23/2005)
Hey, This book is really sweet, even if you dont want to learn the songs, they are all really good exercises and help you move around the fretboard faster and stuff.

JustinKuharchek - Michigan