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Just simple exercises (6/17/2009)
There is no instruction at all- just a bunch of exercises. The instructor simply plays exercises and doesn''t say anything (he doesn''t even have very good technique). If you want to learn, try something else. If you want to run patterns, this is your video.

John - Michigan
Don't waste your money (12/21/2005)
Unless you're looking for some very basic warm-up exercises, there's nothing here that'll accelerate your playing. Lame.

Ken - FL
Excellent (5/4/2005)
Excellent video. Great to see and hear Anthony Vitti in action.

Jim - USA
no joke!!! (3/30/2005)
this dvd is for serius pepole
who want to play the bass.
and if you realy want to put
it all together just buy it.
the best instruction dvd in the market.