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good (12/27/2006)
I think that this is a good book. it is fairly easy to play yet accurate.Id recomend it to beginner to intermediate. metallica rules!!!!!!!!!

jesse - arizona
sweet (2/1/2006)
dude kyle your a fag newsted is a wsay better bass player than burton, the black album is full of nothing but great songs, simeple songs may i add, this is the greatest selling album of all and i cant belive you would dog the bass player that helped right it all, and i bet burton couldnt wrtie anything as good as this, and newsted is a way better bass player than your fag ass.

justin - ohio
cool (11/5/2004)
this is cool

Bob - us
sick (11/5/2004)
this book is good its not as hard as cliffs songs but its still good and person who doesnt like it sux

jeremy - australia
This was horrible (2/28/2004)
GOd this crap. You can tell just from the first measures of enter sandman that this is going to suck. The truth is that metallica is a guitar oriented band. Cliff Burton was an amazing bassit and Jason Newsted is no replacement for him. The riff to my friend of misery is cool but that is it nothing cool at all besides that. Don't wast your time unless your a hardcore fan of metallica who can deal with three minutes or more of open e notes

kyle - California