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A Blues or Rock Bass Player can learn Latin Bass from this book with a little effort and patience, it''s not that hard if you listen to the notes first, they''re simple. Then just jam along with the CD in your own inventive way. Oscar Stagnaro leads by example by the way he plays on the CD''s, just listening you learn and it becomes easier in time. You learn Latin music by listening anyway then by improvising you develope your own style as I''m sure Oscar would agree. The note reading is good for those who don''t read much Latin music like me, I''ve gotten better thanks to the simplicity of the book. Mind you,...there is some challenging stuff but it''s learnable, do-able.

John - Bradenton,FL
The Latin Bass Book (4/30/2011)
I totally agree with Rob Florida Simply the best book on latin Bass so complete it smokes

Dennis - Canada
This book and CD set is just tremendous! I can't recommend it enough if you want to learn what Latin Bass playing is all about!

HectorMA - IL, USA
Thank You, Oscar Stagnaro (6/24/2005)
This is an authoritative work with 3 CD's that covers ALL the Latin, AfroCuban, and Carribbean styles. The bass is recorded on a separate track so you drop it out to practice.

Great bass lines. This book was my bible when I was wanted to add authentic salsa lines to the Latin Jazz I was already playing.

Plan to spend a few months on this book, but you will come out a monster player.

Steve - Houston, Texas
an authority on latin bass playing (11/12/2004)
With the amount of material in this book, if learned properly, you will be jammin with the greats. Covers just about every aspect of latin/afrocuban bass. I recommend this book to all who wish to add to their vocabulary.

Jeff - Brooklyn NY
A true must-have!!!! (10/20/2004)
This book is worth any penny you pay for! Nothing more to say ;-)

Josef Kapfenberger - Austria
Simply the best book out there.. (11/12/2003)
This book is the authority on latin bass playing. There's more content in this book then what you get in about 10 other bass books. There's page after page of great latin bass lines for study. The CDs are great too...recorded with real instruments on the non-bass track, instead of cheesy sounding electric ones like in many other books. The percussion section smokes, I can listen to this CD on it's own it's so good. There's no tab here so you gotta be able to read. If that's not enough the book contains page upon page of Brazilian and Carribean bass lines after the latin sections. All bass books should be this good and this complete. This is the most complete, and useful bass book I've ever bought.

Rob - Florida
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