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Not for short-fingered bassists (2/16/2014)
The patterns presented are easy enough to understand, but almost impossible to pull off if one's fingers are too short. The scales listed are killer on my fretting hand, with a slight rearrangement making them easier to pull off without constant repositioning. No amount of stretching will make fingers longer; sorry, that's reality.
I plan on using this book sparingly, only to figure out where to start scales on the B and C strings of my 6-string bass.
If you plan on playing only a 4-string bass, there are other, much cheaper, scale books available on the market that will work just as well as this one.

Rick - Missouri
CAVEAT EMPTOR!! (11/15/2007)
This is a fine, fine book by Mr. Hubbell; but for an intermediate bassist who has a firm foundation of fingerings that ARE NOT extended!! For a rookie like myself, I''m still glad I bought it, it''s an excellent resource, but I shoulda waited before purchasing. EXCELLENT BOOK, spite of my lack of experience!

Joseph - Kansas City, Missouri
It's Just Alright (4/26/2007)
I bought this book partly because of the gushing reviews found here. Be careful. This book is not an improvisational panacea; it's a reference book, plain and simple. I'm not sure what to make of the suggested scale fingerings either. In my opinion they seem more appropriate for guitar than bass. I think I'll stick with Rufus Reid's The Evolving Bassist for now.

Anthony - US
great book! Use it with his next volume and also Adam Raffety's ' How to create single jazz line ( and 'joy of improve' volume one and two by Dave Frank and you ALMOST do not need a teacher to make i to the summit

Ronald - Boston Mass.
Great Stuff a must have for the self taught bassist. (12/4/2006)
As a professional self taught bassist I really find it hard to be shown anything I haven't thought of my self, or by stumbled across. This book on the other hand has filled in so many gaps I didn,t realise I had that I'm a bit pissed off. Most of the fun for me was disovering thing's for myself.
This is one book I'm not letting go of. I also bought FRETBOARD ARCANUM. I haven't started on it yet as I'm having so much fun with FRETBOARD ALCHEMY. I'll probabally open it on Chistmas mornig as a treat for myself. I can hardly wait.
Thanks to you Scott and the guitarist that opend it all up for you to share with the rest of us.
Self(Scott)taught bassist Michael.

Michael - Holland
One thing made perfectly clear..... (6/22/2006) this approach of Mr. Hubbell's: I MUST PRACTICE THE MODES ALL OVER AGAIN. It's back to Page One in this excellent book for me, and I'm loving it!

Joseph - Kansas City, Missouri
One of the greatest!!!! (6/18/2006)
I loved this book. Ive never seen a book so easy to understand, that could cover such important material. It not only explains the scales and modes, including great illustrations, but the author gives tips and explains in theory. I highly recommend this book. I gave a 4 because I bought the PDF version, and it has small parts that cannot be seen completely, like the chord symbols and the fret where the chord should be played. I understand the printed version does should not have this problem.

Jose Aponte - Caguas, PR
Great book! (5/8/2006)
Great book, written by a great guy to make you a great bass player!

Bought the bok many months ago and find that what you get is exactly what you need to expand your horizons.

Scott is also very easy to get in touch with, and very interested in helping anyone reagrding his book...the problem is, it is so well written that you don't have any questions when you read it!!

Christian - Quebec, Canada
favorite (3/14/2006)
this is one of my favorite books to learn from AND to teach from!

Gregory - Montana
Fretboard Alchemy for 4,5, and 6-String Bass (4/26/2003)
As a college jazz professor and bass player, this book is now an official pre-requisite for all new bassist entering my classroom. Skeeter Boyle

Skeeter - Seattle/ USA
Great book by a great bass player! It's the definitive book on fretboard fingerings, extended and diagonal. This is a must have for all bass players from 4 strings to 6 strings. It is my first choice reference resource!

Byron Santo - LA, USA