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BASS FITNESS (6/20/2006)
The examples are easy to comprehend however at 180 B.P.M. playing 1/8 notes is farly demanding if perfect articulation is your goal. this is a great book

James - United Kingdom
Lower's your cholesterol too! (6/10/2004)
A good book to develop your hand strength and coordination. OK, you could make up exercises yourself. But you'd probably do only one and it wouldn't be sufficient. These are systematic and they go from easy no-brainers to tough ones. I've identified several specific exercises and do them regularly.
A necessary book? Probably not. But if you're goal is to build strength, coordination and accuracy, this will help.--OH, and use a metronome, it's important.

John - NY, USA
Bass Fitness (4/3/2003)
I love this book and wish I had discovered it ten years ago. With just a ten minute warm up a day I feel like I'm keeping my fingers in shape when I don't have time to play more. It's helped both my bass and guitar playing.

Ken - Berkley, MI
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