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BAss excellente walking (4/20/2007)
For the electric bass this is the best book.
It is so well set out if you work at it.
Highly recommended.

David - Australia
worth every (2/13/2007)
worth every penny.
If I had to write a book on this subject it would turn out exactly like this!
well done Ed!

Borat - Kazakstan
The best walking bass primer so far... (2/1/2007)
I have enjoyed the methodic pace of this book and have only reached the middle and I sound like I know what I'm doing already.

I recommend this book and the expanding walking bass lines follow-up. I accidentally bought and used the expanding book first and realized that this is pretty advanced but a good book. Where does he teach the basics -- well here it is and it is pretty well explained.

Brian - Kirkland, WA
GREAT BOOK to build walking technique! (1/26/2007)
Ed Friedland takes a systematic and very understandable approach to building walking bass lines. You will be doing it in no time (without even realizing it!). I highly recommend this book, it will improve your bass playing skills immensely, no matter what kind of music you play. Great play along CD is included. Really an outstanding title.

Tim - Switzerland
My teacher uses this book... (7/18/2006)
This is a great reference used by a great bass instructor. Enough said - this book will teach you where to place all those 1's and 5's in an order that makes sense to building bass lines - approach notes, etc.

Geo - Seattle
Ed Friedland lays it all down; sweet and simple and sooooo easy to understand. After practicing just the first few exercises i manage to see walking basslines in context of all my playing, whether it is funk, rock, blues, jazz or any other style, i think walking lines are integral in bass playing.

Get the book and start to lay down the groove!

Jason - Singapore
Come on.............how many more reviews do you need to invest on your art. This is a walking bass masterpiece. I've used them all and this is the best ever. Are you taking you credit cards out yet.

Jeff Vel - Brooklyn NY
Very Solid Book. (6/16/2004)
This is a great book to learn walking bass lines. It starts very simple and slowly builds up in difficulty as you progress..just as any good bass book should. If you work through this book and practice what is given, you will be creating good solid walking lines. Please don't think you should pass this up if you're not a 'jazz' player. Walking lines are really just a way of connecting one chord to the next and you can use that in any context...not just quarter note, 4 to a bar lines. Any style player can benefit from going through this book. Even though it is approached mainly from a jazz point of view this is an invaluable tool for any style. Not to mention it's a hell of a way to learn the notes on your bass and learn the neck of your instrument.

Rob - Florida
Excelente (4/1/2004)
Aprendes de forma gradual y clara la forma de construir un walkin de verdad.

Chileno - Chile
You want to learn walking Bass ? (8/9/2003)
I tried to learn walking bass before with not success but since i get this book all seems very simple to me, thank Ed.

Henri - France
A Great Tool (8/7/2003)
I have been using this book with my students for 4 years now. It is required for all of my students.

Scott - Indiana -- USA
Excellent (8/4/2003)
This book has been extreemly valuable in my effort to learn how to play jazz bass. I highly recomend it to anyone who wants to learn how to 'walk'.

Pat Johnathan - Connecticut
Building Walking Bass Lines (4/3/2003)
This is a well-written book. Easy to follow to begin and then good explanations as it progresses to more complicated sounds. I was able to apply what I was practicing to my own chord charts almost immediately. The cd examples are excellent and the ten songs provided as an appendix are a nice bonus.

Ken - MI, U.S.
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