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Great starter book for Slap (5/5/2007)
As with all of John Liebman#s books, he explains everything very well.

The examples are varied and go beyond the standard octave patterns that everyone who slaps learns at the beginning.

Paul - Dublin, Ireland
funk bass (3/2/2006)
really helped me learn and get started. not a lot of variety in techniques, though.

nic - U.S.
Amazing (1/25/2005)
This book is benifit any one who uses it even if you have never played funk or slap in your life. if you had to buy a bass book, get this one!

Johnny - Scotland
awesome! (7/18/2004)
Awesome book, Xmas present really. Shows you about 50 pages of exercises then like 180 grooves which is cool. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn slap. Now for the downside... the exercises aren't on the CD just the awesome grooves so some basic knowlegde is needed. ( IE like you need to hear slap and thats about it )

Its in tab and notation.

Levi - USA
Great Book (3/21/2003)
The grooves in this book start simple and progress to some really funky lines. Since getting this book my slap bass has drastically improved and it has motivated me to explore the art of funk.IT has helped breeth new life into my playing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to inject some serious funk into their music

Neil - Scotland UK
Where's book #5? (2/17/2003)
I've got all 4 of JL's books.
They are all excellent, but the medal goes to FUNK BASE.
When I heard the opening riff on the CD I couldn't put the thing down. The guy is very original, and funky as hell.
I'm hoping for a 5th book by JL,,hopefully called Funk Base II.

Anil - Toronto, Canada
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