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Defecit (7/20/2005)
Just when you think you have found a collection of a band's work, Hal Leonard offers one selection from a band's works. Can't someone get twenty or so songs for bass from The Steve Miller Band, or Third Eye Blind, or Creedance?The list goes on and on. Bass player instructionals have never come into fruition.

Gary - USA
Hal Leonard Bass Play _Along - Pop/Rock (5/6/2005)
The book contains just the sheet music. There is no instructions or tips on how to play the songs.
The demo CD gives you two demo tracks per song. The first Demo track is a studio band playing the song without vocals. The bass is a little louder than the rest of the instruments.
The second demo track is the same thing, but the bass part has been removed.
I feel they should have had a demo track with just the bass line playing, so you can hear the riff clearly. Also Hal Leonards should pick some new song. Almost all the songs in this books series can be found in other bass books by Hal Leonard.

Dave - MA
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