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Wonderful book! (6/25/2018)
I can’t say enough good things about this book. Well thought out and written. The included audio tracks really test your abilities to sight read the materials within the book. Also, having the tracks minus the bass is a tremendous help. With all sincerity, I truly hope a follow up to this book is in the works.

Tom - United States
Authentic! (8/21/2007)
I had to privilege to study with Senor Colon-Ortiz and his lessons fueled my desire to study latin music!

Between this book and Oscar Stagnaro's, you will have you hands full for years to come!

Get it!

Matt - Seoul, South Korea
Tiene Sabor (4/26/2007)
Great licks and insight! '¡Tiene Sabor!' For those who don't know the language, it's the Spanish way of saying It Grooves!

Here is the latin real feel (3/27/2007)
As latin saxpohone player
and taken a good review of this book, I realy recomended
for everybody who want a real
latin feel playing. This kind
of book or work i think is a
present from the author for all the bass players, here you have the real groove for yuor latin bass lines.

Jose A. Rodriguez - Norfolk VA
Sightreading to get better!! (3/17/2007)
Definetly a great book for sightreading (and to learn new grooves). When you play the first tune alone or with the accompaning cd the groove gets under your skin and belive me you feel it instantly, and you want to read the whole book. You will find nice grooves, moderate and challenging reading, and your sightreading is going to get better...
if you want to learn how the latin rhythms go...this is the book...
nice work G

Music Teacher - P
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