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Ultimate slap bass (7/8/2010)
This book is by far the best of the slap bass I have bought. It definetly will be my last. I thought I would be going to the intermediate section when I purchased the book, but I found a lot of stuff in the beginer section that helped me. i recommend this book for any beginer to slap bass, buy this book and i don''t think you will need another one.

Anthony - los angeles Ca
Ultimate Slap Bass (7/28/2009)
I''ve purchased lots of publications on slap bass. This one takes it further. To the author Stuart Clayton.... BRAVO! Killer grooves and killer bass tone on the included CDs (I want one of those GB Basses).

Carlo - West Covina, California
I''ve purchased just about every book,Cd & Video out their the on the subject.This is by far one of the best slap book/Cd out their. The price was a little steep which was why I kept putting it off.But now that I got it,it''s defintely worth the investment. The majority of the exercises/licks are medlodic and can be used in a practical situation. The book''s spiral bound makes it easy to use on your music stand. I recommend it for intermediate-Advance players who are looking to spice up their slap technique.

Slap On!

Aaron - Tucson,AZ
Excellent Learning Tool (10/15/2007)
There seems to be a lot of books on slapping out there. This is well worth the cost. It comes with two CD''s, spiralbound and twice as much material as any other book on Slapping. A complete workbook for the beginner to the accomplished player. Clayton covers all aspects of slapping. It''s not for the complete beginner to slapping, you''d do well to get a DVD on begininng slapping if you''ve never tried it before. The exercises are MUSICAL and worth the effort to learn. He builds quickly on each lesson bringing you to challenge yourself. If you work hard you''ll be rewarded with good chops and the knowlege to make your own grooves. Don''t be put off by the price, it''s imported from Great Britain and the exchange rate makes it more expensive. This book is more than worth the price.

Buddy - Tennesse/USA
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