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Walking Basslines (1/19/2009)
If you want to learn how to play Jazz then this book will take you there.The author has done a truly great job. The way he has structured the examples with each one demonstrating increasing harmonic complexity over the same underlying harmonic structure is excellent.The author also supplies all the basic theory you will need to construct your own lines including a step by step method of constructing good walking bass lines over the various harmonic progressions found in the book.I really believe that if this book had a wider distribution( why is this book not on amazon!!)it would be a best seller.The cover design would probably have to be changed for marketing purposes.It is a brilliant book.The author must have thought look I''m gonna write a book on Jazz bass and cut straight to the chase. The book is 79 pages.

Wendell - United kingdom
File format : MP3 not MIDI (1/11/2009)
Attention: despite what the text says, the files are MP3 NOT MIDI files (its far less covenient for training)

Luc - Paris
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