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'70s Funk & Disco Bass (2/1/2007)
Helped me discover a style of bass playing that I was totally unfamiliar with. Not much explanations, but lots of good riffs! Great for practicing your octaves!

Jon - New Jersey
70's funk and disco (11/29/2006)
josquin has done it again...this book should be titled...'Look at what i can do'. There's no lesson here just a lot of posing.

J dee - England
Lazy and boring (5/30/2004)
I was really disappointed with this book. The licks are all too short, and authentic, in the title means invented by the author, who seems to have mechanically put up a hundred tiny licks; most of them don't have any feel. Save your money!

david - france
Great play along cd (2/8/2004)
True it's bassic,but VERY enjoyable to play along with,plus this is hip hop not jazz so don't expect Jaco lines

PERRY - canada
Basic Funk lines (3/21/2003)
Good for the beginer,but the grooves get boring to play and lack any variation

Neil - Scotland UK
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