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Looks good (1/18/2017)
Is this only available on PDF or can you purchase a physical copy too?
BassBooks.com answers: Yes, a print version is available. Check the link in red at the top of the page.

Joseph - Ca
Fix to my previous review (4/22/2012)
I think I worded my explanation to the wrong note during the interlude of Rime of the Ancient Mariner in my previous review.

Here is what I meant to say. Again, this is regarding the first triplet figure during the interlude. The 3rd note of this figure I believe is wrong. At the very least there is discontinuity between the TAB and notation.

The TAB shows an F#(11th fret G string) The notation shows an E. But it has a 'dead' note symbol where a # or b symbol would normally be. I have never seen this used like this. Maybe it means the note is hard to hear?

Anyway, I hear an F on this note. That is, the 3rd note of the first triplet figure during the interlude should be an F(10th fret on G string). Please someone else give a listen.

Nate - Iowa
Really good (4/22/2012)
I dig this book. I do disagree about some of the positions. I know the author says he got them off the videos. But some of the notes you can tell by the timbre of Steve's bass. One such section are the E's during the slow interlude of Phantom of the Opera. I'm sure Steve is playing those at the 2 fret on the D string. Then later during the progression he is playing the E on the A string, because of the licks he's doing and positioning. No biggie, its still a great book. Also, someone verify this for me. During the interlude of 'Rime', the 3rd note of the first triplet figure is wrong. it's an F#-but the tab shows a Gb and the standard notation show and F! So its not jiving here and I'm kind of surprised this mistake made it into the book. Considering how accurate the rest of it is. Other than that I think the book 99% accurate.

Nate - Iowa
GREAT INSIGHT (7/12/2011)
The author really put alot of effort into teaching you Steve Harris''s technique. Instead of just putting out a tab book, the author worked very carefuly to have as much acuracy as possible, not only in notes, but technique.

Igy - Seattle, WA
Wow! (7/30/2008)
First off, I would like to say that I wish I had known this book existed sooner. When I started playing bass, the one thing I wanted to work up to was being able to play Steve Harris'' material. Unfortunately, most of the items that are published on the internet regarding iron maiden bass tabs are filth, that Mr. Harris would most likely snicker at.

So whenever I decide to learn an Iron Maiden song, I would check all the tabs, just in case there was one correct one... but there was only one (the trooper). Every other Iron Maiden song I have learned from scratch.. Wrathchild, 2 minutes to midnight, Aces High, etc.

However, I was watching some live videos the other day and found out that most of the upper octave items that Steve plays as fills (see powerslave, murders in the rue morgue) where actually incorrect.

I''m so glad this book exists. Thanks a ton. I ordered it as soon as I saw it.

Devan - Louisiana
Good Effort (10/26/2007)
Overall a good book and recommended, my one small issue is the lack of tempo setting which isn''t so bad but it would have been nice, to have and save time digging out the records to listen too. All the transcriptions seem correct though there does seem to be the odd duff note but then again these are in passages so fast I''m not sure what Mr Harris plays anyway ..

Mark - UK
A correction of my review... (3/15/2007)
Hello, again Jérôme from FRANCE.
Just another little word to say my apologizes to Mike (the author) as I was mistaken about my 'Phantom of the opera' commentary!
Effectively there is no error on page 4, so : 1000 excuses Mike. I was probably too drunk (oups!)
Again thanks for the book : I hope you consider doing the same for the 'Somewhere in time / 7th son' period!

Jérôme - FRANCE
Thanks for the kind words (3/10/2007)
I appreciate all the kind words and constructive criticism. Thanks a bunch. I do have to disagree with the analysis of Phantom of the Opera, however. Page 4, lines 2 - 5 are definitely there in the studio recording, I just double-checked to make sure. Just to clarify on the use of the live videos, all these transcriptions were taking straight from the studio recordings, the live videos were used to get the exact hand positions as played by Mr. Harris.

Again thanks for the comments and the kind words and especially to Kurt, who almost wet himself when he saw this book existed and who actually thought some of my comments were funny (in a good way.) My email's listed in the performance notes, I look forward to hearing from y'all.

Mike - Mission Viejo, CA

Fantastic! (2/21/2007)
Great work : many thanks to the author!
Most of the big classics are present, and they are well transcribed. There is some minor errors in most of the songs, but it's certainly due to the fact that the author has transcribed from seeing and hearing the 'Live after death', in which the songs are a bit different from the studio albums. Also, I think the page-setting is in cause...
I've worked on 3/4 of the songs and I've seen only one big error, but easy to find : in 'Phantom of the opera' page 4 (lines 2 to 5 don't exist!).
But on the whole, it's an excellent job : buy it or be dead!

Jérôme - FRANCE
Really Good Work (2/9/2007)
I almost wet myself when I saw this title, because finding accurate Iron Maiden notation let alone for bass is pretty difficult.

The only other title that could be compared to this book is the Iron Maiden Rock Score, which I believe is now out of print.

Here is my take on this book by category. Ratings are out of 5 stars.

Song Selection: 5/5 stars. This book does a good job of sampling the major hitters from the their first 5 albums.

Accuracy: 5/5 Stars.
I've only played through a couple of songs, and if the standard I've seen so far is anything to go by, then you'll be well happy with all of them.

Layout: 4/5 Stars.
All the songs are listed one after the other. It's all business here. No pictures or tid-bits of information to take up valuable page space. Some people may find that a problem, but not me.

Binding: 3/5 Stars.
This book reminds me of the kind of material that gets handed out at college. I think for the price it would have been nice to have better quality binding, but then again there is a lot of material, and it does sit quite nicely on my music stand.

Performance Notes: 3/5 Stars.
The quality of the information given from one song to the next is not very consistent, but is quite funny in places (in a good way).

Scope: 6/5 Stars.
Yeah, you read that correctly - 6 out of 5 and I don't care if that isn't cool with you math nerds.

18 ass kicking songs in both tab and standard notation? Are you kidding me? This guy deserves a medal.

Overall: 5 Stars
This is no BS. Just a straight up interpretation of some of Steve Harris's greatest work.

Don't gripe about there being no accompanying guitar chords. This is first and foremost a bass book.

Guitarists can get their own damn book.

Kurt - USA
best iron maiden bass book (10/17/2006)
this book is an excellent work on iron maiden songs,for everyone wants to work on basslines of steve harris and on some highest songs of maiden, it's the best choice.i would like to thanks the writer for his marvellous work. i am looking forward for his next one !

jon - greece
The Beast Of The Bass (9/4/2006)
I have not boight the book. However the transcripton of Murders is pretty accurate.
I disagree with a couple of notes however.

David - Australia
Good Book! (8/18/2006)
But chord symbols would be nice!?I think it´d be good for bassists to know how those bass lines relates to chord symbols.Plus it´s much easier to play with your guitarist friend if you have chords, not only bass lines.

JUSSI A. - Helsinki/Finland
Get this book!! (5/22/2006)
Do you want to learn some of the best basslines from the greatest Heavy Metal bass player ever? This book is invaluable for learning to play true Heavy Metal basslines. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden has played more great basslines (and written most of the songs on bass) than any other Heavy Metal player.
THis book is easy to follow, and has good performance notes for each song. Also, many of these songs are not available tabbed for bass anywhere else. Great Book!!

Mark - GA, USA
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