Great Resource for Study & Gigging (8/27/2018)
I wish I had bought this 40 years ago - I'd have been a lot more soulful. It's good for dexterity - both with fingers and with time. When exploring new songs on the set list, I've frequently found the basis for a new line and new ways of interpreting the tune.
One suggestion - many of the patterns are pretty easy on a bass guitar, and HARD on a standup. Howze about doing the same thing for an acoustic bass?

Peter - Oregon/USA
Daily grooves for life! (1/26/2013)
Patrick pfeiffer.. author of "Bass gutiar for dummies releases a groove bible you can use everyday to improve your groove, timing and sight reading. Always great to have something to examine when creating different grooves of you own. Incredible book

united states - Queens
Fun and useful study! (7/12/2009)
This book is packed with useful and fun grooves that will challenge players of all levels. I love the format- basically you can go in order or just open up any page and go- the grooves are all hip enough to stand up in playing situations and can be modified and individualized - this is my favorite bass book out there- pure application material!

Cliff - USA
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