a bad book not long (1/15/2007)
it not a good book not long

roy green - new orlaren la
Learn to Play 5 String Bass (11/20/2004)
I prefer to read standard notation and make the decisions as to which string and fret I'll use, so the TAB fills up a lot of pages where longer, more interesting examples and etudes could be to really get you used to the new low B string. Further, it goes without saying that I'm not used to having a book tell me on the first or second page that the B string is a 5th below the E sting when actually it isn't. It is a 4th below. I wrote Mel about this tonight!

Jim - California, USA
5 strings guitar (8/19/2004)
Kindly send me a cd and video tapes version on guitar lessons. I love to learn but I have alternate than to request for these cds and video tapes. Thanks.
Isac Gotah
c.o.p bethel assembly,
p.o.box 198
Ghana/West Africa.

Isaac Gotah - Ghana /West Africa
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