Deserves better (1/8/2018)
Fans will love the home movie footage of Jaco in his younger days (some of him as a grade-schooler) and John and Mary (cute!).
Unfortunately, the style of this "film" is very sensationalistic, like a VH1 Behind the Music thing. Peter Erskine's comments make it seem like there was strife between Joe Zawinul and Jaco, and there really wasn't. They were good friends. Some footage of the Modern Electric Bass video is edited to make it seem like Jaco was lost and looking guilty (those who seen that video know what I'm talking about). Photos are also used out of the context of what is being said in the dialog (really stupid video effects are used on some of the photos to make things dramatic), overly dramatic musical accents, and key events went unmentioned (like Jaco falling off a balcony while on tour in Italy with Word of Mouth had some hemorrhaging in his head and this may have accelerated the bizarre behavior, which came after).
This thing spent way too much time on the negativity and hardly anytime on Jaco's music. Bill Milkowski can go F himself.
I wish this was done the way the “Early Years” audio documentary was presented.
I liked the home movie footage and the scores of music personalities that had such good things to say (like Sting, Bootsy and Herbie Hancock), but it was overproduced for dramatic effect. I mean, tell what happened, but tell the people of the real reason Jaco was given to us.
For someone who’d never heard of Jaco Pastorius, viewing this thing makes it look as if he was just some failed dope addict jazz musician, and it certainly wasn’t the case.
To properly show what Jaco was all about, I recommend the Trilogue and Weather Report: Live at Montreux ’76 videos and listen to the aforementioned Jaco: The Early Years CD and all of that great music he played with Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, Weather Report, et al!

Scot - Michigan/ US
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