So Ya Wanna Play Like Bootsy? (6/7/2008)
Yet another great book by Slutsky. the only drawback is that it needs more songs! Other than that, you can''t go wrong with this title. Take this to your next rehearsal and WORK your rhythm section to death!

Chuck - Indiana
A MUST (12/13/2004)
Definitely the best (the only?) book on how a rhythm section works together. Analyzes each historical important JB groove. Each guitar, drums and bass part is thoroughly explained, sometimes more difficult drum grooves are build up through a mini lesson. The tracks on the CD are very well played. I worked my way through the book as a guitar player and now as a bass player. Occasionally I check out a drum part or transform it to bass. Very insightful and inspiring stuff. If you buy only one educational book, this one is it.

Marc - Aachen, Germany
Where's the Meat??? (2/8/2004)
Here was a chance to write THE book on JB's great funk lines similiar to the Jamerson Motown book,sadly the authors blew it, WAY TO BREIF AND LAME...TOO MUCH SENSLESS SCRIPT, NOT ENOUGH MUSIC

PERRY - canada
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