EADG 4 - This Is Pure Gold! (9/26/2014)
At last, bass instruction that is straightforward, logical and written by a guy who clearly knows his subject inside out and upside down! A no-nonsense approach which cuts out all the crap! I have had this guide a couple of weeks now and I already feel like I know the author! This is the only bass instruction text book you need! Buy it now because you will be amazed!!

Marcus - Hampshire / UK
Unique approach to learning bass (12/12/2013)
Falstrom's EADG4 is a quintessential book for bassists. Whether a beginner or advanced player the book has it covered. John has an ability to make learning not only useful, but fun. If you want to learn the circle of 5ths, the modal system, or one of my favorites different ways of playing the scales; you can find all of this easily. Want to work on developing your own sound well there is even a section for that. Do yourself and favor and get EADG4 it is truly a complete instructional masterpiece.

John - IL
Essential for any bassist (11/2/2013)
EADG 4 can take a beginning/intermediate bassist and turn them into a professional. It rounds out the knowledge necessary to play at a professional level, and has endless learning potential and capabilities. In my mind, other than a bass itself, this is the most essential piece of gear for any bassist, or musician in general for that matter as the theory applied here can be applied to every other instrument.

Ryan - Chicago
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