Real Life Playing situations (11/20/2007)
If you are dead serious about making an impressing auditions that leads to nailing the gig, this book is for you. Real playing events for the real time bassist.
Even the man scripting of the charts looks like the real thing you come across in real time situations.This book has given me the chops and the confidence a bass player needs to get the Gig the first time around.

Merejo - USA
From Shallow to deep (10/11/2006)
I think this is a book I should have bought long ago, I am currently working my way through it. Not a lot by way of explanations which one may find daunting at first, I find the autor very unsympathetic with regard to this as is with another of his books on chord studies. However this encourages you to go and research for yourself, Its also about getting stuck in by experiencing what you are playing rather than telling you what you should be expereincing. It drops you in at the shallow end and eases you forward to the deep by getting you used to more and more complexity one step at a time.

Jyde - London, England
VALUE for the money (5/9/2005)
Since I have been working on my sight reading chops,this is the 3rd book I have purchased through first 2 were very helpful,but this one is absolutely awesome.The reason is,it is every bit as challenging as any other sight reading book,but it's 111 PAGES LONG.That's 111 PAGES,over TWICE as much material as the others for $14.95.I don't mean to sound like a salesman but that just kicks ass!!!

Kenny Weydener - U.S.A.
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