The Best! (11/20/2009)
Ed has created a great video that shows examples of specific techniques to achieve the funk riffs heard on countless tunes. He explains how to make these riffs in detail and plays them at a slow tempo and at double time. This is a great video to learn the basics of slap and pop. He makes it so easy that even mom can learn, but he never really says if he actually taught his mom! He uses a very bright Carvin bass for the video but jams on a very nice Fender 75 for the closing jam! Very well produced video! Thanks Ed!

Scott Free - Houston Texas
Impressive! (3/30/2006)
Well organized, good sound, thorough, and inspiring! I have been playing electric bass for 25 years and this DVD helped me immensely. I think even beginners would find it very approachable as well. Ed Friedland covers just about any question you could have about the style, breaks things down superbly, and has the requisite amount of charisma to keep you interested. Yeah!

Awesome (1/10/2006)
Had been trying to get going with slap for years. This DVD was just what I was looking for, a systematic approach to learning slap.

Jai - Oregon
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