A flawless bass method (8/2/2006)
This is without a doubt the finest bass book I have come across in my 20 years of studying music (10 spent on bass). No matter what skill level you are at, you will benefit from this book, which can really be said about the other Sher books out there. It is, first and foremost, an improvisation method, but there is plenty of reading and theory in there to constitute two entirely separate books. Buy this now!

Brin - TX, USA
The absolute best bass book to buy. (6/16/2004)
This book could easily be subtitled 'How To Play Bass' or 'The Bass Bible'. It really is that complete. Don't let the title or the descriptions fool you, this book is not just for hardcore jazz players. Every bass player can benefit from this book. Also, just tagging it as an 'improvisation' book is not doing it justice. As I said above, it's really great as just a general method book on how to play good solid bass.

Truly this book is remarkable in the way it starts from an absolute beginners stand point and works you through some truly heavy stuff by the end. In other words, this is a book that will grow with you. I've been playing for 14 years and I still refrence and work from my now 10 year old copy of this book. It's also great in that you can open it up to a topic and work on that topic, you don't necessarily have to go from the front of the book to the back of the book...though you could if you wanted.

There's not much more I can say about this book. You've gotta have it if you're serious about improving the quality of you're playing. Kudos to the authors and kudos to Sher Music for consistently putting out great music books. Too often, books are thrown together without much thought in an effort to make a quick buck. Not with Sher Music...I only wish they put out more stuff. Still though, quality over quantity any day.

Rob - Florida
Great book! (5/15/2004)
One of the best, each exercise is a direction or concept. Lots of good technical stuff, the fretboard is just laid out for you. Once you get Chuck's concept, the fretboard is your's in all the keys. Lots of words of wisdom. Right on Chuck.

Joe - USA
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