Not for short-fingered bassists (2/16/2014)
The patterns presented are easy enough to understand, but almost impossible to pull off if one's fingers are too short. The scales listed are killer on my fretting hand, with a slight rearrangement making them easier to pull off without constant repositioning. No amount of stretching will make fingers longer; sorry, that's reality.
I plan on using this book sparingly, only to figure out where to start scales on the B and C strings of my 6-string bass.
If you plan on playing only a 4-string bass, there are other, much cheaper, scale books available on the market that will work just as well as this one.

Rick - Missouri
CAVEAT EMPTOR!! (11/15/2007)
This is a fine, fine book by Mr. Hubbell; but for an intermediate bassist who has a firm foundation of fingerings that ARE NOT extended!! For a rookie like myself, I''m still glad I bought it, it''s an excellent resource, but I shoulda waited before purchasing. EXCELLENT BOOK, spite of my lack of experience!

Joseph - Kansas City, Missouri
It's Just Alright (4/26/2007)
I bought this book partly because of the gushing reviews found here. Be careful. This book is not an improvisational panacea; it's a reference book, plain and simple. I'm not sure what to make of the suggested scale fingerings either. In my opinion they seem more appropriate for guitar than bass. I think I'll stick with Rufus Reid's The Evolving Bassist for now.

Anthony - US
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