Yes,this is it! (6/12/2007)
The reason this is THE BOOK is because the author(who knows how to write and present clearly and succinctly,unlike the zillions of other theory authors) has made everthing as simple and clear as possible, in an open,spread out, and easy to read format. Levine's approach breaks it all down into its simpler pieces so that it eventually makes sense and can sink in.I have highlighted all the important points in my book so I can go over the book again later and pick up more knowledge.A MUST HAVE (the best) for those wanting to learn the theoretical part. GET IT!!

Mario - California
Mkes theory musical (8/30/2003)
After reading many theory books, this one make the concepts come alive. All the theory being explain the author give examples from classic jazz tunes so you can play and hear it in action. Makes for a good starting point to take the concepts and start using them in your own music. Excellect explainations that are very easy to read.

Steve - California
Where was this 15 years ago... (8/7/2003)
This book explains so many questions I had over the past 15 years. At least now I have all of the answers in a book as well as my head. It is all here.

Scott - Indiana - USA
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