excellent resource (10/12/2006)
Virtually everything the beginning player needs to study without relying on personalities. Starting from mapping out the fretboard with standard and tab notation, Dave works through the major scale, triads, and seventh chords; all the way through the rudiments of the blues (a whole chapter with plenty of play-alongs) and even an intro to funk. Make sure you get the cd!

Steve Rush - WA, USA
A Must-Have For Beginners! (2/17/2006)
After browsing through a couple of 'beginner' bass books at my local guitar shop, I was quite fortunate to come across this one.

There are many beginner books out there, but none as good -- or that makes any real sense to me, as this. As a guitar player-turned bassist, this book (accompanied with a CD) was exactly what I needed to make the switch!

I highly recommend this book to all inspiring bass players, as well as guitarist who've always wanted to learn the electric bass.

Johnny - New York
Bellissimo !!! (12/1/2005)
Ciao, I'm now an intermediate italian bass player ! After learn to play by this amazing bass method !!! Recommended !!!

Janca - Italy
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