not worth it (9/4/2016)
Initially I was very excited about this book, as I could not find many books that notate both drums and bass parts. The music is very good and the recording excellent. However the bass notation is usually incomplete or missing altogether. If my ear were good enough to transcribe the bass lines from the recording, I would not need a book, right? If at least one could dial out the other instruments (not just the drum), I'd have a hope of transcribing. Overall I'd say the book is a waste of time. But I could be wrong; a better musician, or a teacher might get a lot more out of it.

John - Canada
could be better (11/19/2012)
bass lines are not written out in standard notation from cd note for note which would have been great to actually see what the bass player is playing, but gives you a little frame work to get you started. would have been nice to have the bass only in one channel leaving out keys and guitar and such so you could transcribe the subtleness of the bass

stanly - columbus ohio
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