THE Best Motown Book (6/7/2008)
This is by far the most accurate and in depth book for learning the legendary Jammerson style. Do yourself a favor, BUY THIS BOOK!! It will change your outlook on electric bass. There''s simply no other book on the market like this.

Chuck - Indiana
Gittin'' it! (2/13/2008)
Once you''ve mastered this book then you''ll be gittin'' it just like the man himself...I''ve had it for nearly twenty years now and I''m still learning different aspects of Jamerson''s style. Not for the faint hearted, but well worth the money all the same.

Dave - England
standing in the shadows of motown (12/3/2007)
very good book,however bring your work ethic.some of this book is very difficult.not for the lazy.

william - mich/usa
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