4 (8/10/2007)
Great book by a great writer. i thought i knew mostly everything about blues on bass, but yet again the old cliches jump in and chop you down 'there is always someone better than you'. i knew nothing in comparison with this book. LEIBMAN ROCKS

John - England
great book! (4/10/2007)
this is the best book for beginers. the tabs, tempo and grooves are very easy to understand. the more scales/modes you know, you can find easier/better ways to play the grooves.

Jeff - USA Texas
An Excellant Book (9/8/2006)
I pick this book up several times every week and learn something new each time. Liebman really breaks blues bass playing down in this title. I dont agree with
the reviewwe whining about how it contains tabulature I think tabs are an excellant feature included in this book as is the CD. overall an excellant title one of the best I have picked up. I enjoy it immensly!

Stewie - Bluesistan
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