Excellent, logical bass specific reference book. (1/1/2008)
With this impressive book Mike thoroughly explains all the musical ideas you run across as a bassist - scales, intervals, arpeggios, chords, etc... the list is endless. It is one of the most complete reference books I have ever come across, equally addressing beginners and advanced players alike (although I think that it can be somewhat overwhelming to absolute beginners due to the huge information flood). The strength of Bass EncycloMedia lies in it''s timeless topics, meaning you can look up a topic when you want to learn more about it (or need information about it), rather than trying to study the entire book in one sitting. An excellent and logical bass specific reference book. 5 Stars!

Nick - Boston
Innovative Thinking (5/1/2007)
'Bass EncycloMedia is one of the most informative music text books that I’ve ever come across. Being a former educator, I’ve seen and used books that were very boring and non-interactive. 12 Tone Music materials are different, they are very practical, exciting and fun. With them the student will learn much more than the instrument itself, they will learn the relation of the instrument to the theory. I commend you on your innovative thinking.' - Two time Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner and Don Ho bass player for 15 years.

Nathan - Hawaii, USA
A most profound revelation! (5/19/2006)
'Bass EncycloMedia is a most profound revelation! I am certain that this book - written with cool analysis and prophetic vision - will have a most significant effect on any player who studies it. It is an important contribution to those thinking bass.' -
Marshall 'Rock' Jones - Mega Bass Master for the Ohio Players.

Marshall 'Rock' Jones - n/a
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