versatile (10/8/2004)
i really really liked this book. its helped me work on my technique and different styles. it explains the different styles of famous bassists and genres. from slow swing to funk, its got it all! The exercises are tricky in places, but not impossible.

Liz - Illinois
JUMP 'N' BLUES BASS (9/3/2004)
Been 39 years since I played my upright bass. Ordered this book and had a blast. Picking it up pretty good. The book itself and the cd included is great and really helps to get back into a groove. Great fun, Great value.

Marktwain - USA
Like Blues, Get This Book! (3/25/2004)
I bought this book after buying the book The Art Of Country Bass by the same arthor. It is a gold mine of info, and the cd has some great backing tracks to work with while you go through the examples, in both tab and notation. At this point I have learned more from these 2 books than from any I have ever bought. This book teaches you the Blues the RIGHT way, from Muddy to Steive. I recomend anything from Keith Rosier as he's teaching style is stright forward, down to earth...he makes it easy to learn the right way to play these styles. Lots of info hear.I recomend this book!

Smurf - Ohio
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