Book to get your groove on (1/29/2007)
With a basic knowledge of sightreading and theory you will be able get alot from this books and in no time you will be grooving to jazz R&B Blues etc. Use Carole Kaye books as a suppliment

ronald - Boston Mass
The Bible on Music Theory for Bass Guitar (12/11/2006)
This is absolutely the most comprehensive collection of information for developing the the musical thinking for a bassist. I have purchased a number of books on the similar topic, and, believe me, wasted money. Therefore, don't repeat my mistake, buy this treasure and opean your ears to it. Note for non-academically taught players (as myself): To get this book working for you, you must have: discipline, loads of patience, consistency, expectations to be brain- fried on the regular basis, and at least 25 minutes every day. Do what I've been doing day-by-day for past 5 months, and you will experience the amzaing benefits I do. One more advice: Folks who are not familiar with the sight-reading are advised to spend a month-to-two to learn how to read and play before approaching this book.

Kirill - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Excellent book!! (11/29/2006)
When i started playing bass 1 year ago, this was the first book i bought. I do not regret that decision, this book gives you more then basic theory and exercises. It is well written and you really get a better understanding of what you're doing and why. I recommend highly!

Christian - Chambly, Quebec
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