Jaco! (6/17/2009)
The video presents an intelligent conversation between Jaco and Jerry Jarmont about approaches to bass playing and practice. Jaco provides many examples and there are notated transcriptions of the songs he plays. Recommended.

John - Michigan
Great and sad (2/4/2006)
This is a great video (DVD) for ALL bassist both beginners and masters. It was shot in the later years of his life. He was ill (not from a cold), and you can tell he wasn't practicing as much. But the funny thing is that he was still better than 99% of the bassist out there. This is both a lesson for playing and living the life of a musician.

There are many master bassists out there, but Jaco was THE great master of bass.

Richard - Japan
Cheers, R.I.P - JACO P.... (11/25/2005)
Definately his swan song video... It is both a joy & sad to see what

Mark Matthews -
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