I love it! (7/31/2006)
I am definitely enjoying the materials! I can’t speak highly enough about them, you’ve single handedly built the best Slap Bass resource on the net.

Doug - Kentucky, USA
Got to have it! (6/16/2006)
Tony, your online material is a very worthy expansion of your book and I enjoy it thoroughly. I especially like having the opportunity to echange ideas with you and finding them covered almost in real-time in one of the next examples. I will definitely keep on subcribing as long as you keep on offering such great material.

Heyko - Germany
Hey Tony. I love your site! (6/16/2006)
Slap It has made me a better player and had improved my skills as a bassist many times over. Plus, the lines that you write are plain awesome! I like to just sit and listen to them when I'm in the mood to hear something funky. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to hear what you come up with next!

Chris - GA, USA
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