Play-Along Transcriptions Are Included (7/27/2009) note:
In response to the review saying the transcriptions in section 14 not being included - actually they are. They became available after the DVD was released, so they were added on as a free download with the purchase of the DVD. Just log into your account, look up the order - and you will see the download link. In the new, remastered version, the transcriptions are included within the DVD.

Dave - San Diego, CA
Good but could be Better - but Recommended (12/5/2008)

- The material is not presented in a logical sequence. You definitely could not hand this DVD to a beginner and say - go use this.

- It''s light on explanations/actual teaching. Basically, the guy introduces the sections, but that''s it. There are very few voice overs explaining technique.

- Modes are thrown out there - as they are with almost all instructional materials - without any explanations of use.

- Most sections have transcriptions, as they should. But probably the best section of the DVD - section 14: Funky Basslines - does not have transcriptions.

- But - if you know some basic basics and want some other fun material to learn - then this DVD delivers that. There is plenty of good stuff here to get under your belt.

- Target audience - definitely not advanced players. Definitely
not beginner beginners. The range here is later Beginners through Intermediate.

- If you''re in the true target audience, it''s definitely worth the low cost.

Complete Package (9/23/2008)
When I first started learning how to play the bass guitar it was a headache. I brought several dvd and books on how to play the bass. Took several lessons, but the books, dvd and teachers where teaching me the same stuff I had already learned. I waned to be a good bass player. So, I learn some stuff from web sites and I kept fooling around with the bass. Now I love the bass. I wanted to learn some chord and get a better understand of them. So I purchased this dvd. It''s the boom! If I had of know about this dvd several year ago. I would have save over hundreds and I mean hundreds of dollars trying to learn. This is the complete package for any beginner and it''s great for bass player who would like to keep on learning. Thanks Bassline 1 and bassbooks for sell it on your site.

Preston - Atlanta/US
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