Needs More Oldies (7/12/2011)
Not a bad book, but I wish there was some older songs instead of newer stuff.

Igy - Seattle, WA
Amazing! (5/14/2009)
This book is truly great!

All the tabs/notes are accurate and the selection of songs is good. Some people where complaining about the fact that the "Beast Of The Bass"-book didn''t have any chord-symbols and tempo marks, well here''s your answer: By this books instead!

One of the guys that transcribed this books was Chris Kringel and he (and the other guys) made an incredible job. Knowing the other books Chris has done (trancribed) I knew this book''d be worth the money.

The songs are sort of "best-of" and span the bands whole career. Apart from the tabs and chords the songs also includes lyrics/melodies as a bonus.

This one is a must-have!

Erik - Sweden
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