Very Helpful (8/5/2011)
You get a topic explained on about a page, then you get one or more pages of exercise, then another page with new topics, then the exercises again and so on.
It builds up slow and nice.

Marc - Munich
Should have a CD (5/23/2011)
I bought this book a few months ago and it has helped me alot. However, I do think it should have an accompanying CD or a link to a web site with recordings of the exercises that alows you to hear what a piece "should" sound like. Particularly the more complicated ones in the book. As it is now you just have to hope you are getting it exactly right. Otherwise I still recommend it for those wanting to improve their skills.

Bob - Georgia
Sight Reading (1/22/2007)
I'm a full time music teacher and this is the best book for students I have ever run across.
I ususlly use a Mel Bay book for the first 17 pages then switch to Rons' excelent text.

Larry - the great state of new jersey
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