Must have (3/17/2010)
I keep coming back to this book & learn something new every time. I have NOT seen a better book for solid slap basics.

Young - Seattle, WA
Great Book (4/26/2007)
I remember getting this book back in the 80s (vinyl record included). I lost it and then borrowed my teacher's copy so I could copy the whole thing, which I had bound. I'm not sure what happened to that copy, but I played the hell out of it. I bought another copy, which has also been lost, and here I am contemplating buying it yet again. That should tell you something. I would recommend this book along with Jon Liebman's book Funk Bass because the latter does a better job getting into all 12 keys. I can't count the number of times I have ripped off the lines in Slap It! Don't forget your metronome.

Anthony - US
Tony Oppenheim - Slap It (8/13/2006)
very informative, slap right away, many cool essential exercises, great workout, sweet bass lines.

Steve - FL
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