Not worth the money! (6/2/2010)
A terribly inaccurate mess. The transcriptions are missing accidentals, omitted notes, or just plain wrong. A very sloppy layout as well with its "handwritten" look. Look elsewhere.

Paul - Orange County, NY
Awesome (10/28/2009)
I''ve owned this book for a number of years. While there are some mistakes in the book, the best thing about it is that there is no tab to get in the way of working things out on the neck and using your ears. I would think it is time the book was updated with corrected music and legible notation.

Sloppy (7/3/2008)
I agree more with Erik and Larry in that this book has a lot of errors. Take a look at all of the missing accidentals in Donna Lee. They read as A flat when, in fact, they are most certainly A naturals. That is one example of many where one will find they have to fix this book before learning the pieces. Also the "handwritten" layout is screaming for some of the new music transcription software that exists out there. It is in need of a revamping!

George - Elmont, NY
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