Right On! (7/29/2006)
Anthony consistently puts out great material for the advanced player. “Slap Bass Soloing” is no exception. In just a few days, my white thumb has become much funkier.
Thanks Anthony. Keep on funkin’!

HUB - Kansas/USA
Wow! (raving review) (4/10/2006)
Anthony strikes again! After the Slap Bass Bible, which I thought to be the definitive guide to tasteful, rhythmically interesting and harmonically developed slapping, Mr. Vitti stepped forward. From an educational point of view this new book is much more advanced yet guideful and always comprehensive. The concept of taking a more or less simple groove (haha, let's say less simple) and putting it through three metamorphosis by adding more rhythm, more melodies, more everything while always keeping in touch with the basic idea is great. This is not only applicable to soloing but to comping too. As a player you ought to be able to shift gears, and this is what this book is all about. I strongly recommend Slap Bass Soloing to all players from intermediate to advanced level. You got to have your basics down, but if you want to push your slapping to another level: this one's for you.

And believe me: I'm just an intermediate bassplayer and no good sightreader and it's much work to go through for me, but it's worth the struggle.

Marc Blum - Germany
The best slap bass book (3/20/2006)
This book is the best one I never have about slap bass soloing. There are a lot of funk examples in it. First, this book is not for beginner, but if you want to sound Like Marcus Miller, you better get it.

Henri - France
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