Sight Reading (1/22/2007)
I'm a full time music teacher and this is the best book for students I have ever run across.
I ususlly use a Mel Bay book for the first 17 pages then switcg to Rons' excelent text.

Larry - the great state of new jersey
I love the difficulty progression ! (11/25/2005)
I bought this book a few weeks ago and i am not disapointed! I use to play guitar but when my church needed a bass player, i bought a new bass (no complaints there!) and this book. The thing i like the most about it is that the level of difficulty progresses in good steps: not too much at a time and not too little. It keeps a good challenge but does not get out of reach from one exercise to the next, very natural progress!

Christian - Canada
Good book (10/12/2005)
Starts simple advances to intermediate. Mainly stays in upper neck region. Good book for starting out reading.

Anthony - MO
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