spot on (7/1/2008)
Not for tab readers, but if you''re a note reader, this is the most accurate book of Jaco transcriptions out there.

Johnny Z. - Clearwater, FL
Poorly Done (1/3/2008)
There are lots of errors and omissions in this so called "note for note" work. It is also very poorly "hand written" and doesn''t have tablature for those in need. Not the best Jaco book by a long shot.

Larry - Cherry Hill, NJ
Superb (5/3/2006)
This is the authoritative book for any Jaco fan. The transcriptions are spot on and the song selection is excellent and quite comprehensive, with 26 of Jaco's greatest recordings. I purchased this book a good 15 years ago and after being unavailable for a long, long time, it's nice to see that The Book of Jaco is once again available to Jaco fans the world over. I recommend it highly for all practicing bassists.

Joscha - Austin, TX
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