GREAT INSIGHT (7/12/2011)
The author really put alot of effort into teaching you Steve Harris''s technique. Instead of just putting out a tab book, the author worked very carefuly to have as much acuracy as possible, not only in notes, but technique.

Igy - Seattle, WA
Wow! (7/30/2008)
First off, I would like to say that I wish I had known this book existed sooner. When I started playing bass, the one thing I wanted to work up to was being able to play Steve Harris'' material. Unfortunately, most of the items that are published on the internet regarding iron maiden bass tabs are filth, that Mr. Harris would most likely snicker at.

So whenever I decide to learn an Iron Maiden song, I would check all the tabs, just in case there was one correct one... but there was only one (the trooper). Every other Iron Maiden song I have learned from scratch.. Wrathchild, 2 minutes to midnight, Aces High, etc.

However, I was watching some live videos the other day and found out that most of the upper octave items that Steve plays as fills (see powerslave, murders in the rue morgue) where actually incorrect.

I''m so glad this book exists. Thanks a ton. I ordered it as soon as I saw it.

Devan - Louisiana
Good Effort (10/26/2007)
Overall a good book and recommended, my one small issue is the lack of tempo setting which isn''t so bad but it would have been nice, to have and save time digging out the records to listen too. All the transcriptions seem correct though there does seem to be the odd duff note but then again these are in passages so fast I''m not sure what Mr Harris plays anyway ..

Mark - UK
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