WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! (7/26/2003)
I received this book as a gift and what a gift it is, I,ve always liked the phenom grooves of motown but I didn't put in any thought of who played them. The book is great it gives an in depth history behind the music and a section where a lot of guest players cop the groove and lay down tha transcribed pages on the second half of the book which includes two cds that you can continually refer to. gueat players include John Patitucci, Marcus Miller, Gerald Veasley,the late John Entwistle, Anthony Jackson and many more. I highly recommend this book for all players of any style, and it would be a good guide for players doing originals that want to serve the song but also want to make the lines they play interesting and integral to the tune.

keep grooving
Travers Clark

Travers - New Zealand
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