A correction of my review... (3/15/2007)
Hello, again Jérôme from FRANCE.
Just another little word to say my apologizes to Mike (the author) as I was mistaken about my 'Phantom of the opera' commentary!
Effectively there is no error on page 4, so : 1000 excuses Mike. I was probably too drunk (oups!)
Again thanks for the book : I hope you consider doing the same for the 'Somewhere in time / 7th son' period!

Jérôme - FRANCE
Thanks for the kind words (3/10/2007)
I appreciate all the kind words and constructive criticism. Thanks a bunch. I do have to disagree with the analysis of Phantom of the Opera, however. Page 4, lines 2 - 5 are definitely there in the studio recording, I just double-checked to make sure. Just to clarify on the use of the live videos, all these transcriptions were taking straight from the studio recordings, the live videos were used to get the exact hand positions as played by Mr. Harris.

Again thanks for the comments and the kind words and especially to Kurt, who almost wet himself when he saw this book existed and who actually thought some of my comments were funny (in a good way.) My email's listed in the performance notes, I look forward to hearing from y'all.

Mike - Mission Viejo, CA

Fantastic! (2/21/2007)
Great work : many thanks to the author!
Most of the big classics are present, and they are well transcribed. There is some minor errors in most of the songs, but it's certainly due to the fact that the author has transcribed from seeing and hearing the 'Live after death', in which the songs are a bit different from the studio albums. Also, I think the page-setting is in cause...
I've worked on 3/4 of the songs and I've seen only one big error, but easy to find : in 'Phantom of the opera' page 4 (lines 2 to 5 don't exist!).
But on the whole, it's an excellent job : buy it or be dead!

Jérôme - FRANCE
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