'Review from Wheat's Bass Book: (11/10/2002)
A comprehensive method/resource for the electric bass
For those of you interested in learning to read standard notation . Ron Velosky's 'Sight Reading for the Bass' /// is the best resource I've found.

Wheat - N/A
Sight Reading for the Bass (11/10/2002)
'Ron Velosky, in Sight Reading for the Bass. Has written a concise and comprehensive, yet easy to follow guide for the beginning bass sight reader. The book is composed in a clear and intutative way; it's examples are practical ones, and it's lessons can be immediately applied to everyday reading situations. It is the most effective reading text for beginners I have used in 26 years of teaching the bass, and it has become one of our main text in the Electric Bass Techniques course offered here at Shoreline C.C. A classic book along with Simandl, The Evolving Bassist and Modern Reading Text in 4/; it is a must for anyone who is serious about learning to sight tread on the bass'.

Steve Kim - WA
Mike Richmond, jazz bassist (11/10/2002)
'Sight Reading for the Bass' is a practical, step by step approach to a necessary skill. Ron covers all aspects od sight reading in a methodical and musical fashion'.

Mike - CA
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