Really Good Work (2/9/2007)
I almost wet myself when I saw this title, because finding accurate Iron Maiden notation let alone for bass is pretty difficult.

The only other title that could be compared to this book is the Iron Maiden Rock Score, which I believe is now out of print.

Here is my take on this book by category. Ratings are out of 5 stars.

Song Selection: 5/5 stars. This book does a good job of sampling the major hitters from the their first 5 albums.

Accuracy: 5/5 Stars.
I've only played through a couple of songs, and if the standard I've seen so far is anything to go by, then you'll be well happy with all of them.

Layout: 4/5 Stars.
All the songs are listed one after the other. It's all business here. No pictures or tid-bits of information to take up valuable page space. Some people may find that a problem, but not me.

Binding: 3/5 Stars.
This book reminds me of the kind of material that gets handed out at college. I think for the price it would have been nice to have better quality binding, but then again there is a lot of material, and it does sit quite nicely on my music stand.

Performance Notes: 3/5 Stars.
The quality of the information given from one song to the next is not very consistent, but is quite funny in places (in a good way).

Scope: 6/5 Stars.
Yeah, you read that correctly - 6 out of 5 and I don't care if that isn't cool with you math nerds.

18 ass kicking songs in both tab and standard notation? Are you kidding me? This guy deserves a medal.

Overall: 5 Stars
This is no BS. Just a straight up interpretation of some of Steve Harris's greatest work.

Don't gripe about there being no accompanying guitar chords. This is first and foremost a bass book.

Guitarists can get their own damn book.

Kurt - USA
best iron maiden bass book (10/17/2006)
this book is an excellent work on iron maiden songs,for everyone wants to work on basslines of steve harris and on some highest songs of maiden, it's the best choice.i would like to thanks the writer for his marvellous work. i am looking forward for his next one !

jon - greece
The Beast Of The Bass (9/4/2006)
I have not boight the book. However the transcripton of Murders is pretty accurate.
I disagree with a couple of notes however.

David - Australia
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